Free daily planner with reminders

Free appointment scheduler with calendar & planner for client records, accounting expenses and personal affairs. Will bring order to your life and affairs in the first week of use, especially if you are a beauty pro, doctor, tutor, teacher, fitness trainer or business owner!

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Simpo simplifies work

And creates order in affairs
  • Online booking for clients without sign-up
  • Smart schedule planner with load calculation
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar app
  • Accounting for private professionals and business owners

Focus on what you love to do

Simpo takes over the routine

For business optimization

  • Selling website with payment acceptance, reviews and portfolio
  • Free online booking
  • Business and employee management
  • Accounting of finances and any expenses

For customer base growth

  • Automatic discounts so that customers do not forget about you
  • Time load management - you'll have more free time
  • Reminders of visits, birthdays of clients using ready templates
  • The entire history of visits - customers won't be lost ever

For full control

  • Time tracking organizer and personal affairs planner
  • Available on all platforms: PC, tablet or phone
  • Reminders for clients via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber
  • Online diary for maintaining the client base

For your own development

  • A personal page that's cooler than Instagram, where only your career is
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar
  • Personal blog
  • Discounts on consumables and equipment from partners

Perfect schedule app

Which automates the work and frees up time

Step 1

Register, add working address and several services. All the adjustment takes 10 minutes. Own a salon or work there? Specify workplace in Settings and control bookings on your own.

Step 2

Share your profile link with your clients and invite them to book online.

Step 3

Save time and increase your income from your work!