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    улица Селезнева, 4/13 корпус 1, Краснодар, Россия
    • Уход за волосами Dr. Sorbie
      1000 RUB
      500 RUB
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    улица Одесская, Краснодар, Россия
    • С.Е. косы на брейды
      3500 RUB
      3465 RUB
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Hairdressers, whose services are inexpensive, and there is action in Адыгейск

Fashion changes instantly, and the hair, unfortunately, grow slowly, split and sometimes even fall out. Using our smart system Simpo, you will quickly find Barber in Адыгейск next to the house, which not only possesses the necessary experience and qualifications, but will carefully consider Your requests regarding the stylish haircuts, unique coloring, or hair extensions. Filters Simpo easier task to do inexpensive, and enticing promotions or the best discount. Beginner Barber is ready to provide services very cheaply to attract customers and to gain skills.