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Beauty pros and salons and CRM for beauty & wellness

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    Республика Крым, Ялта, Киевская ул.
    • Аппаратный маникюр с наращиванием ногтей
      500 RUB
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    улица Киевская, 60, Ялта
    • Комбинированный маникюр
      600 RUB
    • Маникюр с однотонным покрытием
      1200 RUB
    • Маникюр с дизайном
      1225 RUB
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    Республика Крым, Ялта, Боткинская ул.
    • Аппаратный маникюр
      800 RUB
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    Республика Крым, Ялта, Киевская ул., 36
    • Комбинированный маникюр
      1000 RUB
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Prices for a manicure from private masters and in the salons of in Алупка

Many people concerned with the question of how much should cost a fashionable and beautiful manicure? How would the price of services of masters of manicure or hit the scale in some beauty salons, it is easy to guess that somewhere there is a service much cheaper. If you want to make and save, will help you sort by price. But remember that a low price often hides the poor quality of services, so finding a good manicurist in Алупка should be a higher priority than the desire to get a manicure or nail extensions cheap.