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    ул. Федора Абрамова, 9, Архангельск, Архангельская обл., Россия, 163009
    • Коррекция и окрашивание бровей
      350 RUB
    • Коррекция бровей пинцетом
      250 RUB
    • Коррекция бровей с окрашиванием хной
      500 RUB
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Brow working from home in Архангельск

Eyebrows play an important role in the way people. In addition, each of the eyebrow conveys a certain line of its carrier. For example, short represent the naive, symmetric, tranquility, etc. In this regard, recently, a new specialty brow. Master experience in modeling and coloring eyebrows and eyelashes, and very often can do at home. It can also adjust the shape of the face, narrow the width of the nose and make the eye lift without injections. Address reliable private provisto in Архангельск near you you can find, using the convenient search Simpo.