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    ул. Фрунзе, 7, Армавир, Россия
    • Маникюр с покрытием гель-лак
      700 RUB
    • Наращивание ногтей
      900 RUB
    • Аппаратный маникюр
      350 RUB
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Manicure and pedicure, working at home in Армавир

Many masters of nail service (they are the same nail-masters) are ready to do a manicure at home. Do not think that it is unhygienic, or such services are solely provided low-skilled masters. On the contrary, in connection with the current situation at home needs to be perceived perfectly normal. Treat this to visit! Incidentally, in many countries a visit to the beauty salon is not the embodiment of aesthetics in the care of themselves, but the comfort and convenience appreciate. Maybe a private manicurist, working at home is Your future good friend! If You too like the idea of a home manicure, do not neglect any sort of masters for use Secure transaction in Simpo when you write in Армавир we have created especially for You to feel comfortable under any circumstances!