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    10.01 review
    ул. Дмитрия Ульянова, 4, Евпатория
    • Маникюр
      600 RUB
    • Снятие гель-лака
      150 RUB
    • Маникюр + гель-лак + снятие
      1300 RUB
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    Республика Крым, Евпатория, пр-т Победы, 59Л
    • Маникюр
      1000 RUB
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Professional manicure and pedicure reviews

How is the rating of manicure masters in the service Simpo? We take the weighted average, given the number of reviews and the percentage of positive review among them. Not appreciating the ranking, it is difficult to decide where to enroll online in Евпатория coated bio-gel or "Shellac" because it masters too many, and so little time, and we tend to make choices without thinking. Easy sorting by rating professionals who make high quality, outstanding manicure will allow you to save time and to go to the sessions only to the best craftsmen.