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    ул. Федора Абрамова, 9, Архангельск, Архангельская обл., Россия, 163009
    • Коррекция и окрашивание бровей
      350 RUB
    • Коррекция бровей пинцетом
      250 RUB
    • Коррекция бровей с окрашиванием хной
      500 RUB
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Brow working with the departure to the house in Архангельск

Aesthetics of the face - not a gift. To maintain the beauty and youth for many years, should pay attention to every part of his body. And eyebrows is no exception. Independently determine and give the most appropriate form of eyebrows is not an easy task. And one word "color" has frightened many ladies. But it will no longer be a problem if you use the services of a wizard brow with departure on the house. To make the desired color, border, shape and minimize pain easily if trust specialist. Enough to find the beauty salon or the private master in Архангельск, book and to call home at any time to get a full range of services for the care of the eyebrows. The quality procedures will please the most refined of the fair sex.