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Eyelash maker (lashes-lashes), working with the departure to the house in Волчанск

The eyes are the reflection of the human soul. And their framing is a real art. To make the look attractive, at the same time without the appearance of traces of mascara or eyeliner will be able to master at eyelash extensions, which you can call home in Волчанск. To improve the natural data there are several procedures that may be ordered at any time. Leave a request and make an entry , by assigning a specialist to the time and place for dyeing eyelashes. Natural materials used in 2D, 3D and 4D techniques, will make eyelash extensions a real pleasure. The puppet, the Fox, the cat's opinion will be picked up by lsmaker individually for each eye shape in accordance with the wishes of the client. Visually lengthen, tighten and darken - it's about laminating eyelashes. The best part is that all service specialists are ready to assist with departure on the house.